Monday, July 11, 2022

Book Review: Suffer The Children by Craig DiLouie

"Suffer The Children" by Craig DiLouie

Imagine waking up to another ordinary day during Christmas time. Some people are working. Others are running errands for the upcoming holiday. Children are playing and laughing waiting to see Santa at the end of the line.  But then, one by one the children begin to die. They die all over the world, causing a global crisis beyond any parents worst nightmare. The hospitals are at capacity, the morgues are as well, and now in this particular community kids are being readied for mass grave burial. But then something unexplainable happens. The children awaken and come home as if they never died at all. But these kids are slowly rotting, the decay evident in every inch of their bodies. These kids aren't the same kids these parents birthed and brought home so many years before. They now hunger for blood and they're only semi normal again when they feed. But with so many mouths to feed and the whole world still in crisis, how far would you go to keep your children alive? 

I was really worried when I started this novel that it'd be another basic and boring zombie/vampire novel. I wasn't prepared for the mind boggling rollercoaster I just hopped off of. This book is one of the most original books I've read in regards to vampirism and the lengths the people in this novel went to in order to save their children was unlike anything I expected. The novel bounces between the main character's inside and by doing this the story ties together quite nicely. I couldn't have asked for more from this eerie and utterly disturbing story. Solid 5 🌟

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