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Meet Jess
(Adventure, Dark Fantasy)

Jess is an indie writer from Wrightsville, PA. Her range of work includes dark fantasy, adventure, science fiction, and comedy, though she continues to explore other genres. You can see her list of published works on her website.

Meet Mary

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I write things. Things with spaceships, spells, monsters, and mayhem. Like the Jane Colt Trilogy (sci-fi), the Flynn Nightsider series (YA dystopia/fantasy), and the Fated Stars series (YA high fantasy). Lifelong nerd, incurable daydreamer, shameless font aficionado. I stand for diversity in books and more girls in STEM. Didn't see enough of the latter in sci-fi so I co-published an anthology filled with them (Brave New Girls: Tales of Girls and Gadgets). I aim to entertain.

Meet Kimberly

Kimberly G. Giarratano is a former ESL teacher and YA librarian. She lives in the Poconos with her husband and three kids. When Kimberly is not writing, you can find her corralling a toddler, baking cookies, and trying to convince her husband to get a dog. Kimberly is a 90s chick at heart and is planning a New Adult mystery series set in the late 90s. She'd love to hear from you.

Meet Stephen

Stephen Kozeniewski is the author of bestselling horror novels BRAINEATER JONES and THE GHOUL ARCHIPELAGO, and was a contributor to the #1 bestselling charity horror anthology AT HELL'S GATES. He also wrote BILLY AND THE CLONEASAURUS, and really hopes that a few folks will hop on the bandwagon there so he can just start saying "author of three bestselling novels." His father once came very close to opening for Jeffrey Tambor at an open mic night. Everyone's life, of course, is littered with missed opportunities. May yours not be picking up a copy of BILLY AND THE CLONEASAURUS right now.

Meet Karissa

Karissa will be your Tiny Dancer for Super Heroes, Star Wars, Southern cuisine & Hindi cinema. An author of fantasy fiction in its myriad forms, she has published two complete series, The Norse Chronicles (adult urban fantasy) and The Stormbourne Chronicles (young adult epic fantasy), along with Touch of Smoke ( a stand-alone paranormal romance) and dozens of short stories. She's also the assistant editor at Cast of Wonders, a young adult speculative fiction podcast. She lives in North Carolina with her kid, her husband, the occasional in-law, and a very hairy husky named Bonnie.

Meet Katrina
(Dark Fantasy)

Kat to her friends and Ye Olde Food Bringer to her wife, children, and cat, Katrina writes fiction that often blurs the line between mystery and fantasy--books that ask: Yeah, but what if there's mermaids?

Meet Cheryl
(Lifestyle, Middle-Age, Family, Humor)

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I'm the one who took the well trodden path, skipping merrily along, until I got lost. I married after college, had a gaggle of kids, survived thirty-three years of wedded bliss (still going strong), and four rounds of puberty, when I thought teaching high school would be a good idea. Good is a relative term, but despite the grey hair, it has been a extraordinary adventure. I thought it would be good for my soul to reflect on my experiences and to everyone's horror I started writing, which turned into a blog, and maybe a book. It happens. I'm loving this stage of life, looking forward to the less traveled path, and that should make all the difference. Come walk with me as I saunter though middle age and horrify the family.

Meet P.T.

P.T. Phronk writes stories. What kinds of stories? Horror, science fiction, mystery, and sometimes a bubbly mixture of the Venn diagram overlap between them. Three Incidents at Foster Manor is his latest, and fits all those categories.

P.T. Phronk co-founded Forest City Pulp. It’s whatever is smaller than a small press, publishing provocative fiction that won’t fit anywhere else.

P.T. Phronk is a pen name. Next time you see him, ask him what “P.T.” stands for; he doesn’t actually know, so he’ll get all awkward about it. In real life, he’s a guy named Mike who lives in Canada with his partner and a couple of hermit crabs, and does brain science as a day job. He got a degree in psychology by studying why people enjoy horror, and only partially figured it out, because you people are super weird.

Former Bloggers
(Gone, but not from our hearts, and always welcome back for a guest post or two)

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