Monday, January 24, 2022

New From Leonard Delaney: The Office Photocopier Wants to Have Sex With Me

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I started Forest City Pulp to ensure I wouldn’t have any limits. My friends and I can publish whatever the hell we want, and we can share a common brand to help communicate what sorts of books we write—“provocative fiction,” whatever that means.
For a while we were putting out a few books a year, but then the pandemic sort of killed our momentum. Like I said before, I didn’t write much in the last few years. For my “very close friend” Leonard Delaney, the situation was the same, but he did have a story that was out of print sitting around, so I am proud to announce that Forest City Pulp finally has a new book out, and I can finally use this blog to shamelessly self promote!
Leonard’s short story The Office Photocopier Wants to Have Sex With Me was originally published in the anthology Strange Sex 3, published by Rooster Republic Press. Things happened over there that I don’t know much about, but I know the book is no longer available, so it seemed like a good time to resurrect Leonard’s story.
I think it’s a good one. Like I said, FCP doesn’t play well with limits, so it’s hard to say what genre this story is; bizarro erotica? Sci-fi comedy? Maybe a bit of satirical body horror? Who knows, but I think it’s worth a read. Here’s the cover, which I hand illustrated … sorry about that.


Sometimes, every day can feel like a copy of a copy. But today is different, because the office photocopier wants to have sex with me. It’s the future, so business equipment can do that now.
Look, the title is self-explanatory. This short story is about a woman becoming so bored with office life that she considers sexual relations with a photocopier.
Leonard Delaney branches out with a mature tale of the horrors of modern capitalism disguised as a sexy short story. Serious readers only, please.
If it seems like your sort of thing, you can get it on, or, for only 3 bucks or free-ish in Kindle Unlimited. If it’s not your sort of thing, I totally understand.

Right here on ATB Writers, there’s an interview with Leonard Delaney that provides some insight into where all this comes from. For more literary fare from FCP, try this interview with cal chayce.
Thanks for reading—this particular post, and just reading in general. Ok bye.

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