Thursday, June 18, 2020

Having Multiples...Genres That Is: Interview with Jacqueline Garlick

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Today we are uber fortunate to bring you an interview with indie author Jacqueline Garlick.

Jacqueline writes twisty, edgy books in multiple genres, and how-to guides for writers. Plus, she's Canadian, so bonus points right there. Her Illumination Paradox series has the most gorgeous covers I have ever seen. You'll see why in a sec.

Welcome to Across the Board. First, I must ask, how are you holding up during this weird plot twist in our timeline? Is your state open? Are you finding a return to normal? Are you able to write? 

I'm actually Canadian, so my Province has been in lockdown essentially since March 13th. We are just now coming out of that... slowly--very slowly. Our government is opening us back up in phases. We are currently in phase two and the numbers of infections are staying low so far, thank goodness. We all have our fingers crossed. As for me, I've dealt with the pandemic by digging into writing. I needed something to keep my mind off things and writing has always been my great escape. So writing has been my best friend. It's been difficult to write with everyone at home, but I've learned to adjust. I have to say, if there's an upside to all this, I've now discovered I can work just about anywhere, through any kind of interruption--and that my family and friends remain safe and well. 

Do you think your writing, especially your mystery and thriller work, will have to change to reflect the current pandemic? 
I don't think I want it to. I feel like this is a time when people need to escape from reality--especially this one. Cozy mysteries by design, are meant to be an escape. The cozies I write, under a pen name, are light-hearted and funny, and a little bit zany, which I hope helps to transport readers out of the real world and into my make believe one, where; although, there is always murder, readers are assured that everything is going to be okay in the end. 

Have you noticed any changes in indie publishing since the start of the pandemic? 

I don't think so, other than maybe more people have had time to pursue their interest in writing. I've seen a lot of more courses being offered over social media, and heard a lot more people talking about pursuing their dreams of writing. Which is very cool. 

What is your biggest takeaway when it comes to indie publishing and trying to make a dent in a crowded market?

You need to write stories the market will bear. Meaning, not essentially 'write to market' books... but 'write for 'A' market' books. There is nothing worse than writing a good book and having no one read it. But the reality is, if there are not avid readers searching in that genre, it will not be read. 

Your cover art--particularly for your fantasy work--is absolutely exquisite. Who does them? What is your design process like?

I use a few different high-end cover designers. Regina Wamba, is one. I always develop the concepts of the covers myself, and then work with designers who are willing to help bring my vision to life. For my Illumination Paradox Series, I held a private shoot to capture the feeling of the covers I wanted. I then provided the cover designer with the photographs and a plan for the treatment, and she did an amazing job. I love those covers to this day!

Who are your favorite authors? Who are you reading right now?

I read loads of thrillers and cozies. My two faves. I love love love Ruth Ware. I will read anything she writes. I also love, love, love Kate Morton. I will also read anything she writes. On the cozy side, I'm currently enjoying Murder at Enderley Hall by Helena Dixon. Very twisty and detailed. 

What are you binge watching?

I'm getting caught up on The Great British (and Canadian) Baking Show(s) and loving, Upload on Amazon TV.  Oh, and this new show called Good Girls Revolt, also on Amazon TV. It's a sleeper. But I'm super loving that one. 
What is next for you?

I'm working on a new paranormal-based cozy series--my second. And I'm also finishing my first!!! I'm really enjoying it. 
Thanks for asking. And thanks for having me!
Thanks for being here. To check out Jacqueline's books or to reach her, head on over to her website

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