Thursday, December 12, 2019


Hey everyone! It's my turn for a back jacket hack job, which basically means taking a book's blurb - the back jacket copy - and turning it inside out a little bit. It's meant to be fun - and funny - and no authors are harmed in this monthly feature.

Since I'm a rom com reader and writer, today I'm highlighting a rom com from earlier this year that I LOVED. Also, full disclosure, Marika Ray is a friend of mine and we recently met IRL for the first time at the Romance Author Mastermind conference. She's tall! And just as nice in person as she is online. Also, I'm super jealous that she lives in sunny California because, you know...sun...

Her September release, DESPERATELY SEEKING HOUSEHUSBAND is the third book in her Reality of Love series and the "official" blurb is:

I just needed a fake boyfriend to be on the reality show Desperate Househusbands with me to prove once and for all I was over my evil ex and living my best life.
Too bad the only guy willing to do the job turned out to be my ex’s half-brother.
Dimples are my kryptonite and he’s got two of them.

I was intrigued by her before I knew who she was.
And I admit, I signed up for the fake boyfriend position because I was curious how someone so successful could have dated my asshole brother.
Maybe it’s the way her edges soften at night when she cuddles up to me.
Or maybe it’s watching her rebuild her confidence brick by brick.
Maybe it’s just the goats stirring up repressed sexual desire.
Either way, I have feelings. Real ones.
Which is a bummer when my brother, the wrecking ball, comes back through the door, ruining everything we fought so hard for.
Where’s a goat to rekindle the flames when you need one?

It's a pretty great blurb, right? And this cover:

He's the perfect Rhett! But what the blurb doesn't tell you is that the story opens with Gabby interviewing potential fake husbands and the third nipple guy made me nearly spit out my tea. On page two. Spoiler alert - he doesn't get the househusband role. But Rhett does.

And, oh my, the chemistry between him and Gabby is both funny and super swoony/hot. Yes, they have their awkward moments as they get to know each other, but they're very real, and I liked them just as much separately as I did together.

However, the scene stealer is the goats. Hell, I think the goats steal the story. Marika weaves them in via a side character and they become an important - and hysterical - part of the story. 

A lot of self-professed rom coms are really romance with a dose of humor, but I can honestly say that DESPERATELY SEEKING HOUSEHUSBAND is a true romantic comedy, with equal parts giggles and swoons. If you need a bit of comic relief in this stressful holiday season, I highly recommend this one. As for me, I feel a re-read coming on. For the goats. 

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