Monday, October 10, 2016

Proud to be a BRAG’er

I’m not one to brag often. Not because I think negatively of those who do like to brag (OK, so I might think negatively of some people who brag often—it all depends on intent and execution). I just donbecause it’s not how I’m made.  That makes it kind of ironic to have a BRAG Medallion for two of my three books. So today I decided to embrace being a BRAG’er.

When I started this writing gig I didn’t have a single creative writing credential on my resume. I took a technical writing class back while studying Mechanical Engineering at Purdue, but that’s a far cry from writing a fiction novel. I was seriously worried about publishing my first novel, Kingston’s Project. I thought I’d be laughed at. I thought I wasn’t good enough. I felt like an imposter.

I found the courage to publish my novel despite my fears (you can read about it here in the first post I did on Across the Board). Positive reviews for Kingston’s Project started rolling in from people I didn’t know, and I started to feel more comfortable. But I won’t lie—I was still waiting for the curtain to be pulled back.

I had read several posts about how book contests/awards could help with promotion. I was hesitant, that voice in my head shouting at me that it would just be a waste of money because I wasn’t good enough. (Now, some are a waste of money, but that’s an entirely different post). I actually hated the idea of submitting my book, but I figured if I could publish it in the first place then I could select one or two awards to apply for.

I was in contact with another author who launched her first book around the same time I did. We would share information we found, and she was the one who first introduced me to indieBRAG. I reviewed the information on their site and decided to submit Kingston’s Project.

I have to admit I was both shocked and thrilled when I received the email that Kingston’s Project had been awarded a BRAG Medallion. Only about 10-15% of the books submitted are selected, so I was feeling extremely honored. I felt it was the validation I needed to help shut down that inner voice telling me I was just an imposter.

What I came to learn about indieBRAG is that they are a wonderful community of readers and writers. They don’t just send you a happy congratulatory note and a png of the Medallion. Their ‘next steps’ email has nearly 20 items on it. They are supported by a network of bloggers who offer to do author interviews or review your book. They do blog hops and host BRAG Medallion authors on the indieBRAG blog. They share information from BRAG authors on their social media sites. It’s a continuous support system—which is awesome.

My latest book, Shattered Angel, was recently awarded a BRAG Medallion. Yay! I’m super proud to be a two-time BRAG’er :)

If you’re an Indie author, I highly recommend submitting for an indieBRAG. The indiBRAG folks do this for their love of discovering new great reads and supporting the indie authors who create them, which can’t be said for all the award programs out there. If you’re looking for some great Indie reads, check out the list of indieBRAG books.

~ Carrie


Kimberly G. Giarratano said...

Congrats, girl! You BRAG away!!! Well done.

Carrie Beckort said...

Thank you!

Jonathan Schramm said...

Gosh, you really love to BRAG about yourself! Congratulations. Now I'm going to brag about you... You are awesome and we're so fortunate to have you as a member or Across The Board!

Carrie Beckort said...

I know, I'm so bad :) And thanks for the kind words - I love being a part of this blog! Such an amazing group of people.

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