Monday, April 4, 2016

The Geek Life

A post by Mary Fan
Last month, I shared with y'all the results of #AuthorLifeMonth, an Instagram challenge created by
author and book blogger Dahlia Adler. Well, Instagram, it turns out, is an addictive thing. #AuthorLifeMonth ran through the end of February, and I woke up on the morning of March 1 feeling weirdly empty. Whadaya mean I don't have to find a picture to post???

Fellow Red Adept Publishing author Karissa Laurel and I were commiserating about our #AuthorLifeMonth withdrawal when a brilliant idea hit us: Let's keep posting pictures! This time, we wanted to show off our geeky sides. So we created a new Instagram/Twitter pic challenge, #GeekLifeMonth:

Hey, I warned you when I joined Across the Board that I was a nerd ;-) Anyway, here are the results of a month of geeky pics!

Funny story... so I cross-posted the Obi-Wan pic to Facebook, where about 90% of my friends are feeling the Bern and posting Bernie articles and memes day in and day out. So one person, scrolling through Facebook quickly, glanced at this pic and thought for a second that it was Bernie Sanders LOL

A photo posted by Mary Fan (@astralcolt) on
A photo posted by Mary Fan (@astralcolt) on


Jonathan Schramm said...

Holy geekyness, Batman! I loved Galaxy Quest too, such an underrated movie. That's hilarious that you didn't know it was a spoof! So I'm guessing your answer to the Star Wars or Star Trek question is Star Wars (?):) Thanks for sharing! You are definitely the resident geek.

Mary Fan said...

Yup! Though Star Trek is growing on me... Mostly because of Abrams' reboot. Which is sacrilege to true fans, I know, but hey, I like what I like :-)

Karissa Laurel said...

What a great retrospective, Mary! I had so much fun sharing the geek life with you. :D

Carrie Beckort said...

Way to get your geek on, Mary! Thanks for sharing with us.

Kimberly G. Giarratano said...

You're such a fun geek.

Mary Fan said...

Thanks :-D. Geeking out is fun :-)

Mary Fan said...

Ditto <3

Mary Fan said...

:-) My pleasure!

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