Monday, July 20, 2015

A game world for my fictional characters? Yes, please!

A couple weeks ago my daughter asked me if she could get the game Sims FreePlay. While I usually unwind at the end of the night by spending some time on one of the Candy Crush Saga games, I’m not what you’d call a gamer. I had never played any of the Sims games, but from the advertisements I’ve seen it seemed a bit too mature for my almost nine-year-old. She thought differently so she had me look it up in the App Store (on her Kindle --UPDATE: see reply in second comment below for more information), and the information told me it was rated “for all ages”. Still—I wasn’t convinced and I told her I had to think about it.

Later that same week my daughter and husband left for their annual Daddy/Daughter trip to King’s Island. I figured that was the perfect opportunity for me to download the game and check it out without my daughter knowing that I had it on my phone. Because once she knew it was on my phone, then I’d get nothing but a constant, “Can I play? Can I play?”

It started off all innocent enough. While I figured she might get frustrated with the time it took to complete tasks, I thought she would enjoy making her own people, building houses, planting food, etc. I was cruising along in my Sims world, completing my tasks, and all seemed OK for my daughter.

Until it was time to WooHoo.

After two Sims are romantic enough times (hugging, chatting, kissing), their relationship elevates to the next level. Once that happens, you're given a task to have the two Sims WooHoo. Yep, WooHooing is exactly what you’re thinking it is. The two Sims did this amazing hover spin which made their clothes disappear (except their underwear), and then they went in for an embrace and a large pixilated circle covered them up. (Note: my Sims now WooHoo in the bed, under the blanket, with little dancing hearts all around them... unless other Sims are already in the bed then they just WooHoo wherever they are. I know this because I was curious enough to find out!)

Two of my Sims WooHooing in the kitchen...

Ummm... I’m not ready to answer the questions my almost nine-year-old would ask about WooHooing, so it’s a big fat NO on her playing the game. My time is coming (soon I expect), but I don’t exactly want to have the conversation based on Sims gameplay action. (Don't worry though, I think I can make up for it by finally giving her Minecraft.)

However, I’m having a blast in my new Sims world because it’s become my literary world!

When I had to create my first Sim, a gender and name was suggested. Ironically, it was a female with a last name of Mitchell. Well, the protagonist in Kingston’s Project is Sarah Mitchell. And that’s how it started. My Sims world now has Sarah, Elijah Kingston, Marcus Kingston, Miles Morgan, Tina Morgan, and Brandon (Van) Vanderlink from Kingston’s Promise.

It has been a blast trying to make the personalities of my fictional characters come alive and have them interact with each other. For example, one of my recent tasks was to send one of my Sims to a neighboring Sims town and have them WooHoo with a Sim there. Well, Van being the player that he is was perfect for the task! Now he’s busy trying to set someone’s oven on fire. Yep, sounds like Van alright! Although Sarah has a secret past with a grill she won’t discuss, so maybe I should have sent her instead...

I love to get notifications that tell me things like, “Elijah Kingston has finished cooking!” It’s a great way to keep these characters that I love close to me at all times.

Elijah Kingston distracting a mummy in the park. Quite the change of pace from his CEO life in Kingston's Project!

I recently unlocked a mysterious island. I might have to move in some characters from a different book to live there... I think Angel would love an ocean view home!

Well, it looks like Sarah and Tina are done with their fashion designs (I’m trying to earn some long hair this week), so I’m off to the next task!

Which literary characters would you move into your Sims town? Would you try to keep to their original story plot (who they marry, what they do, how they look, etc.) or put your own spin on it? Would you be in it, maybe WooHooing with your favorite book boy/girlfriend? (wink, wink)



Kimberly G. Giarratano said...

Woohooing is my new favorite euphemism.

Brenda St John Brown said...

I'm with Kim. WooHoo!! Also, how on earth is a game with that in it, regardless of euphemism, for everyone???

Carrie Beckort said...

I know - it's so fitting :-) I was talking to my husband about it this morning and he said I should add Maury Povich to the town... with all that WooHooing going on someone needs to be there to help verify who the father is!

Carrie Beckort said...

I agree. After your comment, I had to go and look up the info again to make sure I wasn't wrong. I discovered something interesting. On the Kindle Fire (which is what my daughter uses, and where I first looked up the ap) it says that it's rated for 'all ages'. However on my iPhone, it's rated for 12+. I think the Kindle description should be updated.

Jonathan Schramm said...

Ok, I'll just keep the trend going. Woohoo! That's cool that you have a new little world (besides your mind and your book) for your characters to live in, Carrie. So I'm guessing you can dress the sims up and model them after anyone you want? In that case I wonder if you could just recreate characters from any book. With all that woohooing, maybe Fifty Shades of Grey? LOL!

Carrie Beckort said...

Yes, you can but the options are a bit limited. Some of the style options are a bit strange - I might be able to move in the Twilight characters too! Since the theory is that FSoG is basically an adult versio of Twilight, it all goes together!

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