Monday, April 4, 2016

The Geek Life

A post by Mary Fan
Last month, I shared with y'all the results of #AuthorLifeMonth, an Instagram challenge created by
author and book blogger Dahlia Adler. Well, Instagram, it turns out, is an addictive thing. #AuthorLifeMonth ran through the end of February, and I woke up on the morning of March 1 feeling weirdly empty. Whadaya mean I don't have to find a picture to post???

Fellow Red Adept Publishing author Karissa Laurel and I were commiserating about our #AuthorLifeMonth withdrawal when a brilliant idea hit us: Let's keep posting pictures! This time, we wanted to show off our geeky sides. So we created a new Instagram/Twitter pic challenge, #GeekLifeMonth:

Hey, I warned you when I joined Across the Board that I was a nerd ;-) Anyway, here are the results of a month of geeky pics!

Funny story... so I cross-posted the Obi-Wan pic to Facebook, where about 90% of my friends are feeling the Bern and posting Bernie articles and memes day in and day out. So one person, scrolling through Facebook quickly, glanced at this pic and thought for a second that it was Bernie Sanders LOL

A photo posted by Mary Fan (@astralcolt) on
A photo posted by Mary Fan (@astralcolt) on


  1. Holy geekyness, Batman! I loved Galaxy Quest too, such an underrated movie. That's hilarious that you didn't know it was a spoof! So I'm guessing your answer to the Star Wars or Star Trek question is Star Wars (?):) Thanks for sharing! You are definitely the resident geek.

    1. Yup! Though Star Trek is growing on me... Mostly because of Abrams' reboot. Which is sacrilege to true fans, I know, but hey, I like what I like :-)

  2. What a great retrospective, Mary! I had so much fun sharing the geek life with you. :D

  3. Way to get your geek on, Mary! Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks :-D. Geeking out is fun :-)


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