Thursday, September 16, 2021

I Wrote a Bedtime Story for Adults



Several years ago, I wrote a random funny poem and posted it on Facebook. I forgot about it for a few years until my best friend made me the Maid of Honor for her wedding, and I had to give a toast. I didn't want to go the cheesy, emotional route, so I decided to be funny instead. I decided to read the poem, and it was the talk of the night. Everyone laughed hysterically and complimented me afterwards. That was when I started toying with the idea of making it into a mock-children's book. 

Well, after months of working with illustrator, Stephanie "Ms. Stubby" Webb, I finally did it. 'The Littlest Cock', as it's so coyly titled, is the story of the smallest rooster on a farm. He is often boastful and thinks highly of himself, and the larger roosters decide they're going to teach him a lesson. They are surprised to find, however, that it's not the size of the cock in the fight, but how it performs in the dead of the night, and they are the ones taught a lesson instead!

It's not a particularly dirty story, as there is no inappropriate language other than innuendo, but it's probably not something you want to gift to your young children, lest you prepare for the inevitable call from the school about obsessive usage of the word "cock" in the classroom. 

I'm writing this article on September 8th, and right now, it's in the final stages of editing before I release it on Amazon's KDP Select. I ordered a proof to review, and then I'll have it officially published before the end of September. It may or may not be for sale by the time this article posts. I'm hoping to get a lot of reviews for this book, so keep an eye on Amazon and my website,, to secure your copy when it's released.

And remember to stay weird.

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