Thursday, August 20, 2020

Back Jacket Hack Job - Jingle Balls

 Hey there! It's my turn for a Back Jacket Hack Job this month and I'm going to hack up Jingle Balls!

(It doesn't sound quite right when you put it like that, does it?)

Jingle Balls is a rom com charity anthology, with ALL proceeds benefiting the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation and will release September 29.

The actual blurb for the anthology reads:

Jingle those balls for a great cause and get a head start on the holiday spirit with this spicy collection of romantic comedy stories. Twenty of today’s most entertaining rom-com authors have teamed up to go #Nuts4Books. Proceeds from this steamy set will benefit the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation.

How my "hacked" version would read:

What happens when twenty rom-com authors get together at happy hour? Mostly a lot of talk about publishing, craft and collaboration. And balls.

The dancing kind. 

Kidding/not kidding.

There's a real-life charity ball called the Jingle Ball every year to raise money for testicular cancer awareness. There's nothing funny about testicular cancer, but twenty rom com authors writing their take on the Jingle Ball? Pretty hilarious.

Jingle Balls is up for preorder now and will be released September 29. It will be available only until October 31 and then it's gone forever.

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