Thursday, July 23, 2020

Google Search - How to Republish a Book

First of all, I got a new author logo, courtesy of Opium House Creatives. Pretty right???

Second, I'm up with a Google search today that's definitely relative to my interests and may be relative to yours, as well - how to republish a book.

I got my rights back to my only traditionally published book a few months ago and am self publishing it with a new cover, new title, and slightly edited story next week. But I suspect it's not that simple, so that's where my trusty Google search comes in.

I'm obviously not the only person to wonder this. But, a quick click through these links and none of them actually give me the info I need/want - e.g., HOW to republish my book. So, thenI tried this:

That looks more like the information I need.'s not. Not really. It's about how to get your rights back from a publisher, which is super useful - including this from Author's Alliance about how to write a letter requesting your rights back.

To be honest, the information is harder to come by than you'd think. This article by Jane Friedman is the best one I found, and even she recommends contacting an Amazon representative to discuss whether your republished work can be connected to your existing listing so you don't lose your reviews.

You probably will have to use a new ISBN - and a new ASIN - which means it's important to take screen shots of your traditionally published book listing BEFORE it disappears. This wasn't in any article I read, but an author friend told me and I'm obligated to tell you, right??

I'm uploading my new book to Amazon tomorrow and then hitting that little call button on the Amazon help page, so wish me luck. And if you have any insight on whether it's useful to link to the existing book, I'm all ears because that's another thing that's not really in a Google search!

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