Thursday, May 21, 2020

How To Make A Murder

Hello, all! How are things? Are you well? Hanging in there? Are you tired of reading emails that ask about your health? Are you tired of hearing from companies offering up their reassurances about shipping products you haven't bought in five years? (I get it, Zappos. You're there for me during this difficult time. My shoes might be delayed. I'll survive) To be honest, my COVID buys are mostly lipsticks I can't wear anywhere. We all have a thing.

Good news: the weather has finally changed in the Poconos. It got quasi-warm. That's right, it's hit the mid-60 to 70 degrees range. I swear I spend half my life checking the ten-day forecast. Anyway, thanks for stopping by. It is my turn to post a Google Search!

I'm finishing up edits on a murder mystery as I am wont to do and I had to tinker with my manner of murder. At first I was curious if one could make a murder look like an accident, which is a super common trope, so I Googled 'how to make a murder look like an accident.' But that sorta messed up my current plot and caused more headaches than I needed. But that brought me to my fun Google Search starter. So I typed 'how to make a murder' in Google and got these nutty results instead.

How to make a murder mystery game--Props to anyone venturing down this path. This seems like a real involved activity that I wouldn't want to do in a thousand years. How long would it take to create a murder mystery game? As long as it takes to write a novel? But, if this is your jam, then carry on.

How to make a murder Netflix--is this a new show? Or someone trying to remember How To Get Away With Murder, the very popular Shonda Rhimes program on ABC? Uh, no. It's people misremembering Making A Murderer on Netflix. I should've realized that. I just Googled it.

How to make a murder mystery game roblox--I'll have to ask my kids about this. My oldest son used to be really into Roblox. To me, it looks like the Dire Straits Money For Nothing video. Remember that gem? That's vintage Roblox.

How to make a murder mystery party--Only on Zoom. I remember parties. I always hated going to them and now I'd skin my dog to be able to hang with people other than the ones I live with.

How to make a murder a game? Or, like, you want to plan the ultimate crime?

How to make a murder cast--Again, wrong show. So many people are misremembering.

So what are you Googling lately my fine friends? What are you buying online to take the edge off the pandemic? Anything weird? You can tell me.

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