Thursday, March 19, 2020

10 Ways Publishing is like a Bad S.O.
So many of my inspirations from this blog come from talking with other authors, and in particular with fellow ATB blogger, Mary Fan. A couple of weeks ago, she and I were agreeing that after many years in this author business, we've come to accept that continuing to do this means doing it to please ourselves and not some nebulous expectations of the "Industry".

As a newbie writer, I was interested in trends and in being aware of what was selling and trying to plot books to meet those expectations. Now? Eh...not so much. Now I write what makes me happy. Mary spends money on gorgeous illustrations that may or may not be worth the investment--she does it because she likes making a pretty book to suit herself. 

But back in the day, we were willing to give our hearts to publishing, hoping we might get a crumb of affection from the industry in return. The following is a list of the ways the publishing industry is like a bad, bad boyfriend (or girlfriend, or what-have-you).

10 Ways Publishing is a Bad Significant Other

  1. They don't know what they want but they expect you to give it to them anyway
  2. They say they want something, and you give it to them, and they're like "No not like that you idiot"
  3. They expect you to spend a lot of your own money supporting your relationship but will never chip in on rent or groceries
  4. They court you then drop you for the first new thing that comes around
  5. They'll dangle promises about commitment but never actually propose
  6. They'll propose but never actually set a date (for publication)
  7. They tell you they love you just the way you are, then tell you all the reasons you need to change to make them happy
  8. They only love you as long as you’re still putting out
  9. They never call when they say they will and go forever without contacting you. 
  10. Often compares you to other authors and wonders why you can't be more like them.
Thanks to author friends Mary Fan and Erica Luke Dean for helping me with this list.

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