Thursday, July 19, 2018

How to launch a car? A Google search.

Hellloooo ATB readers!
How’s your summer going? Mine? Mine’s been hectic. Between camp, swim team, dance classes, vacation, writing -- I don’t know which end is up. Also I’m launching a book on Tuesday.

I repeat I’m launching a book on Tuesday. 

It’s hella hard launching a book in the summer. Between giving myself a crash course in Amazon and Facebook ads and trying to drum up some kind of buzz for the book, I have had little time to actually figure out how to launch it. So I thought I’d google it. And then I thought, I’ll blog about it. 

Here’s my google search.  


I really can’t imagine owning a boat and not knowing how to get it into the water. That seems dumb. You spend all this money on a boat, you didn't think to ask the salesman, "How do I launch it?"

I have no idea how someone launches a car. Do you?

Fortnite. Do you have kids? I do. My 8-year-old is obsessed with Fortnite. It is the bane of my existence. I don’t get it. I don’t want to get it. I just hope it’s not melting his impressionable brain.

How to launch a podcast? I not gonna lie. This has crossed my mind before. I’m sure I’ve searched several times how to make a podcast because I love podcasts. I wish I was super niche so I could create a cool podcast. Or be on someone’s podcast. Just let me podcast!

How to launch a product? That’s sort of what I’m trying to do now, albeit poorly.

An app? Does your app help me sell books? No? Moving on.

What the hell is an ico? (*looks it up*) It's....Initial Coin Offering. I don’t want to google this. I don’t care enough. It sounds boring.

A website? Easy peasy when you're an indie author.

A manual car? Again, who is launching cars? And where? Into space? From a catapult? Over a fence? How are we launching cars?

Jupyter notebook? WTF is this? I’ll google it. Ugh. It’s software jargon. I’m already checked out.

Whoever said summer is lazy has not been in my head or to my house. I’m hella busy. What about you, folks? How’s your summer going? Anyone want to pony up to $2.99 to buy my book? If you're my age, you'll get this reference--remember Brendan Fraser and Matt Damon in School Ties? It's like that but with blackmail and death and stuff. 


Cheryl Oreglia said...

Good luck with the book launch Kim. That’s outstanding. Hope you find some time to rest and relax this summer as your book sores to unimaginable heights! Congratulations.

Brenda St John Brown said...

Happy release day!! This sounds like a fab book. Can't wait to read! Also Fortnite. Seriously. HATE. IT. My 13-yo is obsessed, as well. It's a problem. For me.

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