Thursday, November 9, 2017

Google Search: Which town has?....

I swear I spend the majority of my life Googling how old celebrities are just so I can either feel really good about myself or wallow in abject misery that I am biologically old enough to be Shawn Mendes's mother. So, yeah. Depends on the day. Anyway, I thought it would be funsies (I should never use that word again) to ask this question:

Being a Jersey girl myself, I am curious about that first question. The reason I no longer live in the Garden State is because the taxes are so freaking high. Apparently, according to this article on, the answer to this question is: Camden. Camden is one of the poorest, and most violent, cities in the country. And requires a thoughtful examination about poverty and institutional racism that I am not qualified to address. 

Next up, the smallest population: According to Roadside America, the answer is Buford, Wyoming. Population: 1.

I'm skipping a few of these and moving onto 'temple of the tooth' because I have no idea what the hell that is. Apparently, it's a Buddhist Temple in Kandy, Sri Lanka. Thanks, Wikipedia.

Which town has the area code 01392? Why that's Exeter and its surrounding areas in the United Kingdom. How charming. I love the UK. And its surrounding areas.

Keeping with the Great in Great Britain, which town has the most pubs? Why I'm quoting this delightful response from Rob Lines of Streatham on this Guardian website:  

"Two hundred years ago Gosport, the victualling town for Portsmouth ships of the line, was also the drinking and whoring base for visiting sailors. It boasted 123 pubs in one square mile."

And lastly, which town has the most Greggs? This raises two questions -- is Gregg a surname or a consonant-y first name? Nope, wait. I'm being a dumbass American. Greggs is a some kind of British Panera. Well, alright then. Apparently, the answer is Newcastle (which I say in a Mrs. Bennet Pride and Prejudice voice).

Well, this blog post certainly turned into a woman about the globe type thing, didn't it? I think my next book will be titled, 'Whoring Base for Visiting Sailors.' Really catchy.


Carrie Beckort said...

I had the same thought as you about the Greggs, so I guess I'm a dumbass American too :D And I think you have a hit on your hands with your next book title. When can I preorder?

Brenda St John Brown said...

I can assure you, Gregg's is NOT the British Panera. It's more like 7-11 without the other convenience items and best known for its savory pastries -- sausage roll, sausage and bean melt, chicken bake, steak bake. It's all really stodgy "comfort food" but as an American I admit I think it's all pretty gross.

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