Thursday, May 4, 2017

Google Search: Need enc

Yay, it's my turn to do a Google search post! For anyone who needs a little refresher -- Google Search is a new segment on Across the Board this year and the rules are:
  • Start a random search string in Google (or could be from one of your previous searches)
  • Choose one of Google’s suggestions
  • Write up a post (or some flash fiction if you’re feeling really creative)
Well, I looked at my previous searches and they're boring. I need to start writing murder mysteries, I think, and googling how to dispose of a body or something. So, I decided to search for something I've been needing lately -- encouragement. I didn't even need to type in the whole word before I got what I was looking for:

I was looking for encouragement, in general, but I like the variety here. Losing weight is hard and encouragement is always appreciated. (In my case, so is taking away the Doritos.) For the religious, encouragement from God is literally at your fingertips. Full disclaimer: I'm not religious and I did imagine God, Himself, appearing on screen when I chose that option. (Didn't happen, in case you were hoping so, too.)

Probably my favorite is need enchilada recipe. I'm not 100% sure how Google Search works, but if this is predictive text, that phrase has been typed in enough to make it appear here. My question -- why wouldn't you just type in "enchilada recipe"??? The "need" takes it to a whole different level. I NEED an enchilada recipe. Stat.

However, kidding aside, I did find some great quotes. And I went away feeling less discouraged. I also saved a couple to my desktop for another day. Because the thing for me about being a writer is that a bad day or week leaves a mark and erasing that mark takes more pep talk than I'm capable of sometimes. So I talk to writer friends who get it and, apparently, Google. Who gets it, too, and has a killer enchilada recipe to boot.


Carrie Beckort said...

It's good to know that Google is there when encouragement is needed! And perfect on the enchilada recipe -- just in time for Cinco de Mayo!

Brenda St John Brown said...

Yes! Which I missed! It goes pretty much unobserved in the UK, which is a shame. I should single-handedly start a movement to make it a thing.

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