Thursday, February 2, 2017

I say, dear man, Google this

Do you know what I Google the most? Actors’ ages. Yup. I can’t watch television anymore without my laptop, so I can see how old the actors are. I’ll say to my husband, “He looks my age. But, is he?” Then I Google, and feel smug when I discover, “Hey, I’m right.” I’m also that nutjob who can tell when a European is putting on an American accent. Call it a useless talent, but I have it.

So, for my Google Search post, I decided to do the search string:
 Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 4.40.44 PM.png

Fun fact: I taught English As A Second Language for five years (I have a master’s degree in it!), so I pride myself on my ability to selectively hear accents. Another interesting tidbit, if you came to the US from another country before puberty, you usually lose your native accent. After puberty, you retain it a bit.

Anyway, I’m going to fill in as Prof. Google right now and answer those search strings.

Which accent is the sexiest?...Hmmm. For me, it’s mostly about the foreign flair. I love a Scottish brogue. Argentinian accents are pretty hot. South African lilts are quite sexy (looking at you, Trevor Noah). Even a tough-sounding Broolyn-ese can be sexy if it’s on a sexy human.

Which accent is the best?....New Jersey, hands down. I kid. We don’t have sexy accents. Jersey folk like to think we don’t have an accent, but we know that’s not true. When I was traveling through Paris, a tour guide from Texas remarked to me, “Oh, you’re from Joisy?” I said, “We don’t really say that.” And he said, “Yes, you do. I’ve met a lot of you.” Oh, really? I don’t say Joisy. And now that I’ve been out NJ for 8 years, I’ve lost a bit of my accent. I say orange instead of ah-range. I say mirror instead of meerah. But I still stay “draw” when I mean “drawer.” That won’t ever go away.

Which accent is the most attractive?..I think a southern drawl oozes charm. A Texas twang is nice too. A posh British accent makes me feel like I’m an extra on The Queen, so...I’ll go with that one.

Which accent is followed in India?...I had to Google this because I wasn’t quite sure what the question string was getting at. Turns out, British English is the answer. Makes sense. India was colonized by Great Britain.

Okay, lovely readers, what accent makes you weak in the knees?


Carrie Beckort said...

Great post, Kimberly! I grew up in Northwest Indiana, so I had a Chicago accent. Now that I'm in Southern Indiana, my family loves to tease me about my 'southern' accent :) I go absolutely ga-ga for an Australian accent. In the past, I've been know to repeatedly ask my Australian coworkers questions just to hear them answer...

Kimberly G. Giarratano said...

My neighbors are from NW Indiana. I love them!
Aussie accents are hot.

Brenda St John Brown said...

Having lived in the UK for the past 9+ years, I'm so surprised by the diversity of accents in such a small country! A "posh" British accent is so much different than a Liverpool accent. And my Scottish neighbors? I had NO idea what they were actually saying the first few times we met. I do love a French accent. I think it's elegant and sexy at the same time.

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