Thursday, March 19, 2015

Seasons of Writing

I don't know about where you are, but it's still pretty cold here in New York. That being said, with Daylight Saving time, I FEEL spring is here.

I also noticed that I go through a writing change per season. Winter and summer are my least productive seasons. In summer I'm out a lot, and in winter I'm moping because I can't be out a lot (though I do love a good snowstorm.)

Fall is a perfect writing time for me, since I hate that time of year with a fiery passion (I know I'm probably the only person on earth, judging by all the fall-lovers in my Twitter/Facebook newsfeeds.) But I really do dislike the season. To me, early fall is the most depressing, since all it signifies to me is summer's end. I was brought up on this belief, after all:
Plus I feel left out because I hate fall activities. I'm allergic to hay, and I think pumpkin flavored drinks are gross. So, I hole up in my room, while everyone's planning Halloween costumes and apple picking, and I write (for the record, I do love November, since it's too pretty not to love.)

But then spring comes and it's a whole new story. I have these bursts of energy to create, and renewed hope for my works' success. Maybe it's because of the all extra sunshine.

Or maybe it's just the way I roll.

What season are you most productive in?? Or is it just easier for you to write in a specific season???

xoxo Beth


Kimberly G. Giarratano said...

You're a Fall hater?! *smh* I do love me some summer though. Bring on heat and humidity!

Leandra Wallace said...

I don't like pumpkin flavored drinks, but I do like pumpkin desserts. Mmm... Though not many desserts fall under my not like radar. =) I have found myself feeling more optimistic this spring- maybe it helps that I have tulips starting to poke up?

Jonathan Schramm said...

Great post, Beth! You are the queen of GIFs. I love it! I really think you should write more about this Fall-hating thing. It could be like the "Grinch Who Stole Halloween" or something! Write what you know, right?

I too have writing seasons where I'm a bit more productive. Right now, the season is Baby and it's not very productive at all. Cheers!

Unknown said...

haha I do love my gifs! and "Grinch Who Stole Halloween I LOVE it hahah

Unknown said...

love tulips, can't wait to start seeing some flowers here too!

Unknown said...

yes! I adore humidity (even though my hair goes insane) lol

DMS said...

Love this post! I write the least in the winter. I always think I will write the most, but it is dark and cold and I am not motivated. I just want to curl up on the couch. Spring is starting to show and I am already feeling more inspired. Happy writing to you too!

Unknown said...

thank you! exactly, there's just no motivation in winter!

Brianna Lebrecht said...

Eeep! I meant to comment on this the other day when I read it. I generally get a huge push to write this time of year. I don't know if it's all the growth that I'm looking forward to, warmer weather, increased daylight hours, or just a generalization of moving past the "winter blues". But ideas flow easier and words just spill out. I'm actually signed up for Camp NaNo in April and really looking forward to it!

Unknown said...

awesome, I have always wanted to do some kind of NaNo, I need the push!

swaggy said...

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