Monday, December 22, 2014

Reading Challenges

I'm a huge fan of reading challenges. They help me work toward a goal and push me to spend more time reading. And, really...who doesn't want to spend more time reading?

Goodreads is great for reading challenges and even counts books for you. At the moment, I'm behind my goal of thirty books this year, but I'm hopeful that I can get as close to that number as possible before the year is up!

Back in January, I blogged about a 2014 Challenge I was taking part in against my brother, Sunshine. Basically, whoever read the most books would receive a $20 gift card from the loser. My brother wants his card for the PlayStation store, while I want mine for Amazon. Of course I'll use it to buy more books.

Here are the rules for the 2014 Challenge, in no particular order:
  1. Books must be added to and tracked on Goodreads to count, with a special 2014 Challenge shelf.
  2. Books must be published (so my critiquing doesn't count, nor do my read-throughs of my own drafts). 
  3. Only novels count toward the total read (no non-fiction, comics, graphic novels, etc.). 
  4. Every two audiobooks listened to equals one book read.
  5. Only one book started before January 1, 2014 counts toward the total for 2014 (for me, this was Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell, started December 30, 2013). 
  6. Revamped books will only count if added to the 2014 Challenge shelf. 
As of today, I have finished twenty-six books. Of those, eighteen were new reads, seven were audiobooks, and one was a reread. Considering I work from home, unschool two kiddos, and cover a wide range of other duties that would lead people to believe my alter ego is Wonder Woman, I think I'm doing okay. 

In 2015, I already have plans to participate is in this reading challenge:

I'm already excited and thinking of which books on my TBR list can count toward each check!

Do you participate in any reading challenges? How are you doing for 2014? What are your reading goals for 2015?

--Brianna Lebrecht


Leandra Wallace said...

Well, lets just say I could kill it w/the 'A book you own but have never read' category. Last I checked, I had 60 books on my shelves I hadn't read. And that was a couple of years ago... =/ Your brother is named Sunshine?! How cool is that? Also- do you know yet if it looks like you're going to win? Fingers crossed! =)

Carrie Beckort said...

I was on a roll this year with reading - I'm currently at 40 books, which is by far the most I've ever read in one year. I've not done any challenges, but they sound like fun! I might have to check one out. Good luck on your challenges!

Stephen Kozeniewski said...

I successfully read every novel on the Modern Library's Top 100 List in 2013.  No more challenges ever again.

Meradeth Houston said...

That looks like a really fun challenge! I made it to 45 books this year but somehow always think I'll get to more. Next year I'll put a dent in m TBR :)

Sarah Ahiers said...

My goal for 2014 was 100 books and I'm at 142 right now, but at least 20 were picture books and 20 were graphic novels, so i'm right about where i need to be.
Goal for 2015 is another 100.

Anonymous said...

You'll have to let us know who won, you are your brother. I find reading goals fun but also pressure. I prefer to just pick up and read what I can when I can. I read really quickly as well as read a lot of fluffy quick reads.

It's easier to read more books now that my kids are older. For one, I can read the books they read. Also, I do a lot of sitting and waiting while they are at activities or we're waiting on something. Plus, we instituted a no TV while any of the kids are doing homework and that means most of the time since they do homework at different times. I read during the time I used to watch TV.

Anonymous said...

"or" not "are" Geesh!

Jonathan Schramm said...

I've been bad at reading lately, though I did finish like six or seven books in about a month during the summer. Maybe a challenge would help! Great post, Brianna!

Unknown said...

I can't set reading challenges b/c I take for-freaking-ever to finish a book (when I read, I study literally every word on the page to see author's techniques and styles) so honestly if I set a challenge I'd fail haha.

Brianna Lebrecht said...

His name is Jordan, but I call him Sunshine ;) He calls me Britata.

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