Monday, March 27, 2017

Bringing Books to Life

I’ve been a member of my local Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping (FXB) gym for the past couple years. I love starting my day off with an intense workout. It’s a great gym with a lot of great people. A few times a year, the gym hosts a challenge to help people get motivated on their health and fitness journey in a fun way. I’m now the challenge coordinator, and my first challenge started today.

And my theme is Harry Potter.

I love books (obviously), so I shouldn’t be surprised I was inspired by a book series. The 50+ participants have been sorted into the houses of Hogwarts and each week I’ll assign them challenges that tie into the series—the Golden Snitch, Quidditch, Prefects and more. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named even curses people each week! Some of the participants are huge Harry Potter fans, and it’s been so much fun already as they tie in the series with real life. However, there are some who know nothing about Harry Potter, and I’m happy to be able to give them an introduction with this challenge. At least one has said she is now watching the movies to get some idea of what’s going on (yes, I know, not the same as the books but it’s a start).

As a reader, it’s been a blast trying to bring this series to life at my gym. As a writer, it has reminded me just how much of an in impact our stories can have on the lives of readers. Some books are read and forgotten. Then there are books that impact the reader’s life in some way, causing a lasting impression. I can only hope to be the latter kind of author.

Have any of you used a book for inspiration for something in your non-reading/writing life?

~ Carrie


  1. What a great idea! Love that. The Boy has "houses" at school and I always think of Hogwarts. Now if only he could magic the dishes into the dishwasher or something...

    1. If he ever learns the magic spell for doing the dishes, please share! That would come in very handy around here as well! ;)

  2. Now that is putting an inspirational book to inspirational use! Well done. I always have a poetry book by my bed, I like to start the morning with coffee and a poem? Right now I have Mary Oliver, love her.

    1. Thanks, Cheryl! And what a great way to start your day.


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