Friday, May 1, 2015


Okay, so I'm an awful blogger. I was supposed to post yesterday, but (and I have a valid excuse) my kid broke his wrist. Actually, he fractured it the day before at the park, but because I claim to be an MD, I took one look at the wrist, which was devoid of bruising and swelling, and declared my son totally fine. Then yesterday I noticed he wasn't using his left hand as much and it was swelling some. So off to Urgent Care we went where they x-rayed it and found he had a buckle fracture (super common in kids). My son, by the way, is a super trooper. Kid didn't cry at the doc's office and was crazy polite. Of course, at home he's all demanding.

After we got home, I reread my manuscript for the billionth looking for proofreading errors. I'm formatting it in Vellum and, holy hell, it's so easy to use I'm contemplating marrying it. Seriously. I was up until 11pm re-reading everything and now I have to schedule an appointment with the orthopedist so my son can have a proper cast (in the color of his choice, I'm assuming). And upload my book to appropriate vendors so it's available for next week.

Anyway, I'm going to have a proper, jazzy post up on May 5th, Cinco de Mayo, for my Lady in Blue release and Grunge Gods sale.

I'll see you on Tuesday, when I hope to be a much saner human being. Until then....

Hasta luego,


  1. What kind of person forgets to post on a group blog? The only way you could have made it worse would be if you had hastily slapped up a picture of one of your tattoos and then backdated it to try to cover up your error.

  2. You're not an awful blogger - just a normal person with a lot on her plate! I hope the little man heals quickly.

  3. Lol, Steve! Hope your son feels better Kimberly!

  4. Thanks, guys! He's doing well. I took him to the orthopedist and he only needs to wear a brace. No cast. Thank God. I was not looking forward to cast stank over the course of three weeks.

  5. Oh, poor little guy! I'm glad it turned out better than expected. And like you even need to worry about not posting. I don't think any of us even noticed, lol! (ok, not something I should prolly admit, but what the heck, right?) Sending wrist-strengthening wishes!

  6. glad he doesn't need a cast! I broke my leg in four places as a kid and the first dr. who x rayed me deemed it a sprain and advised I "walk it out"...when I nearly passed out from the pain another dr. actually saw the breaks, and gave me a purple cast for 2 months. Moral of my story: casts suck lol. hope he feels better soon!

  7. Oh no! So sorry to hear your son broke his wrist! Mine broke his arm last summer—so not fun. If he has to get a cast, tell him the neon orange looks pretty cool! :)

    Oh! I just saw in the comments that he only needs a brace. Thank goodness! Yeah, the stench is pretty bad...

  8. The health of your son is a bigger priority than updating a blog, making you not much of an awful blogger at all. It's understandable that you had a lot to do and had to put blogging on the back burner. I am glad you were able to get his wrist checked out before it got worse. Your son is definitely a trooper, and I hope he was not in too much pain.

    Laverne Bodnar @ U.S. HealthWorks Sacramento - Downtown


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