Saturday, November 15, 2014

If You're a Fantasy Fan...

Then you might want to check out Ron Collins' GLAMOUR OF THE GOD-TOUCHED, which just released today!

Garrick is a mage’s apprentice, soon to be a full-fledged sorcerer. The course of his life is clear—he will be an apprentice, a mage, and then a superior. But a tragic accident finds him wielding a god-like power over life and death, and as rumors of mage war grow stronger around him, he learns his future is not fated to be as simple as he dreamed. Glamour of the God-Touched follows Garrick as he discovers the forces behind his new magic. The lessons he learns and how he deals with them will threaten the very nature of who he is.

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  1. Thanks, everyone ... and thanks to Leandra for posting this here. Thought I had commented before, but I guess it didn't take. Please do let me know how you liked it. You can find more about the series (and me!) at Don't be a stranger. :)


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