Monday, May 21, 2018

Update on May End Goal

Last month I declared that I would be done with the first draft of my current work in progress by the end of May. That meant I had to complete approximately one chapter a week.

So how am I doing?

I should have 4 chapters done, and I have three. While not on target, that's actually pretty good compared to my average writing speed on this particular book. I'm not going to lie - it's been a challenge. My life right now can be summed up very accurately by this video by The Holderness Family. 

It's an extra special May this year too as my daughter is graduating from elementary school (read lots of extra stuff . . .). 

Despite all the craziness of the month, I'm determined to meet my goal. I have just over a week left. Actually, my birthday is this Friday and I've decided that the best gift I could give myself is a specific combination of six little letters -- THE END. 

Now I'm off. I wish to say it was to write, but I'm on kid-activity duty tonight. I'll have to try to pick it up again tomorrow. But it's hair appointment day (which is a 45-minute drive each way . . . don't ask - we women are crazy dedicated when it comes to our hair. I would reschedule, but this is already a rescheduled date.). So maybe Wednesday -- around the kid's ortho appointment and the shopping I have to take her to do. I'd say Thursday, but that's my critique group day and I have some manuscripts to read. I suppose that leaves Friday -- what better way to spend my birthday than in a cram writing session?

I foresee some late nights and/or early mornings over the next week and a half if I want to get this done before May ends . . . 

Please send all your positive writing vibes!!

~ Carrie


Mary Fan said...

Go go go!!!! You can do it! Hey, sometimes we all need a little extra time :-)

Carrie Beckort said...


Jonathan Schramm said...

You got this, momma!

Brenda St John Brown said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I hope for your special day you get a big huge helping of meeting your goals!

Cheryl Oreglia said...

Happy Birthday Carrie! Confucius says it matters not how slowly you go as long as you never give up! Sending you good wishes, "you got this!"

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